Compliance organization

Code of Ethics of the company HOPI HOLDING a.s.

Frequency and sincerity

HOPI s.r.o. governs itself by the principle of honest and correct negotiations towards suppliers, customers, the competition and its employees. We negotiate honestly and honorably, we say what we think and we do what we say. We expect the very same from all of those with whom we do business.


HOPI s.r.o. endeavors to maintain its current customers and to gain new ones through satisfying their needs by providing quality services and goods. The main strategy by which the company operates is to perform business and logistics made to fit the customer’s needs. When providing service to the customer, we adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001 standards and also the directive HACCP, including an analysis of danger and establishing critical points.

Business partners

The company creates mutually beneficial relations with its suppliers, customers and other business partners, from which we expect that in their business dealings they will govern themselves by principles that are not in conflict with our principles and aims.


HOPI s.r.o. has created a working environment, in which a climate of mutual trust and honor exists, and all people involved feel a sense of responsibility for their work performance and for the good reputation of the company. We concentrate on developing our employees, and we provide them with the opportunity for further growth.
We maintain open communication with employees by means of company information and consultation processes.
The aim is purposeful amongst all employees.


HOPI company strives to keep existing customers and acquire new ones by meeting their requirements through the provision of high quality services and goods. The key strategy the company follows is to perform business and logistics that are tailored to the customer’s needs. To fulfil this vision, we implement management systems relating to quality, environment, energy management, food safety management and management of health and safety, with regard to the latest standards.

The company expresses its adherence to and continuous improvement of the IMS system in the following concepts and approaches:

  • On the basis of detailed identification of the customer’s needs, we strive to transform their individual requirements into internal company processes, thus creating services with the highest possible added value and degree of satisfaction.
    Individual processes are performed so as not to break the technological chain while maintaining minimum costs and maximizing work productivity in order to achieve the desired level of quality.
  • Because our services and goods can only be as good as the elements that enter the system, we place great emphasis on the monitoring and evaluation of inputs from suppliers with regard to their ability to meet our requirements.
  • We strive to achieve stable and safe parameters, to win the trust and respect of customers so that the company’s name is synonymous with reliability, quality and speed. For this purpose, the company has created a functional model of an integrated management system. Regarding services and delivery of goods, we strive to offer maximum flexibility.
  • One of the key requirements is the manufacture and distribution of safe products, which is ensured by adhering to the HACCP system principles and its incorporation into the integrated management system.
  • The most valuable property of the company is its human capital in the form of educated, skilled and loyal employees. The company appreciates this wealth and supports improvements in the professional competence of the personnel through planned training and facilitating access to the latest information from the field.
  • The company is committed to continuously improve its environmental performance and reduce energy consumption, as well as improve the working conditions and environment while maintaining and developing its business activities and sustainable development related to them.
  • To maintain a healthy environment obliges the company to comply with all legislative requirements relating to food safety, environmental protection, health and safety management and energy management, work environment and other governing requirements.
  • The organization prevents possible causes of damage to the environment and is committed to prevent injuries and damage to health of its employees. Gradually, it strives to focus on suppliers that implement or have already implemented the EMS principles, energy reductions and SMS into their activities and that have resolved their recycling or waste disposal processes. The company supports the purchase of energy-efficient products and services and suggests proposals for the reduction of energy consumption.
  • The company provides employees and stakeholders with true information about the impact of its activities on the environment and occupational safety and health.
  • The tools for a continuous improvement of effectiveness of the environmental management systems, energy saving and health and safety primarily include the availability of information and resources, identification, review and evaluation of the seriousness of all environmental issues, security risks, setting of goals, target values and programmes and defined systems of control mechanisms.


In Klášterec nad Ohří, the 6.1.2016
Ing. Petr Novák – CEO of HOPI Holding a.s.