Environmental Strategy

HOPI s.r.o.has implemented and certified environmental management systém pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005. This certification covers the following activities: warehousing, assembly, crossdocking operations, purchase and sale, transportation of dry, chilled and frozen goods throughout the entire HOPI in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



  • The side effect of the compressors of the cooling systems is heat
  • We are capable to utilise this heat to keep our administrative buildings warm
  • We use the waste heat to pre-heat service water


  • We are gradually replacing old lights with new, more efficient models
  • We are using new reflective surface technology
  • We are installing movement sensors in order to increase lighting efficiency


  • Our solar power plant allows us to utilise solar energy
  • The solar power plant is installed on the roofs of our company´s warehouses
  • As such, we do not occupy any arable land to operate our solar power plant
  • We generate electricity for our own consumption
  • We reduce the burden on the distribution network


  • We purchase paper from a supplier who supports the “TREES FOR LIFE” programme
  • This supplier plants 1 tree for every 10 cartons of paper sold
  • In this way, we are able to support the planting of approximately 700 trees
    every year


  • We update our fleet with vehicles meeting EURO 5 and 6 standards
  • We have a wide-ranging fleet of assorted tonnage
  • We lower the number of vehicles by optimising the transportation process
  • We save fuel by optimising transportation
  • We train our drivers to drive economically


  • We actively reduce the generation of waste and packaging
  • We sort our waste
  • We offer our waste for further processing
  • We use packaging machines – thus saving foil
  • We are a part of the REMA system – “Green Company” (collection
    and subsequent recycling of old electrical appliances)