The existing market places diverse demands on producers and importers, where only the quickest is successful. Co-packing offers a “SPEED TO MARKET” solution, which is an elaborate systém, designed to deliver a product to market in a quick and high-quality fashion. Our operations in CZ, SK, HU and PL produce over 80,000,000 products annually in all temperature conditions. Maximum quality of final products is guaranteed by way of multi-level quality control procedure..



We have a specialised department dealing with the design and production of labels.
We have established long-term co-operation with suppliers of colour promotional labels.
We use labelling machines, ink-jet printers and manual labelling in the production process.

Types of labels:

  • EAN codes, inc. SSCC codes
  • Legislative text and foreign language versions
  • Expire dates, LOT codes, or batch codes
  • Colour marketing labels and symbols

Promotional packaging

We use heat & shrink wrapping machines, conveyor belts, group packaging machines, strapping machines and manual assembly.

Types of packaging:

  • Multipacks (e.g. 2+1)
  • Add-on gifts (e.g. washing powder + fabric softener)
  • Christmas and gift packs
  • Insertion of promotional items
  • Discount displays and promo stands

Makro / Metro units

We can assume responsibility for the management and ongoing additional wrapping of inventories of selected products for Makro/Metro.

Supplementary services

  • Repackaging
  • Placement of revenue stamps

Packaging materials deliveries

  • Cartons
  • Foils (PE, LDPE), folio straps, sleeves and sacks
  • Glue dots and glue guns
  • Textile locks and stapling machines
  • Transparent as well as colour adhesive tapes
  • Wrappers