To our partners we offer complex solutions for pallet management. In accordance with predetermined requirements, we shall ensure the delivery of high quality pallets into production plants and distribution centres, as well as to actual suppliers and customers of our clients. In addition, we are also able to store our partners’ surplus pallets, thus freeing up their storage space to be used more effectively.

Upon receipt of the pallets, we categorize them according to type and degree of wear. Pallets that are no longer suitable for use due to high wear rates may be purchased by us or repaired.

All pallet movements are recorded in our system in such a way that at any moment we know the pallet balance of individual elements of the logistics chain. This service therefore frees up the partners’ resources that have so far been spent on administration and monitoring of their pallet accounts (balances).


Pallet repairs

We repair all kinds of wooden pallets. Your damaged pallets may be immediately exchanged for repaired pallets, or we can repair your own pallets as soon as possible. We repair pallets in accordance with the CSN 26 9107 standard, replacing missing or damaged parts so that the repaired palette has the same functional characteristics as a new one.

We collect pallets for repairs as well as deliver the repaired pallets back. For larger volumes, we are able to set up a repair station on the partner’s premises.

Purchasing pallets

We buy almost any amount of surplus pallets you may have. The purchase price is always determined individually, based on the quantity, type of pallet, degree of wear and transport method.

Selling pallets

We sell new and used EUR pallets as well as pallets of other dimensions, reusable and one-way pallets. On customer’s request, we can also provide interlocking pallets.

Prices of pallets for sale are based on the quantity, type of pallets, the degree of wear and transport method. We offer quantity discounts for long-term cooperation.

Pallet balances management

We will manage the administration related to your pallet balances. On your behalf, we will keep records of the balances in cooperation with your partners, submitting the current amount balance statements together with your partner’s confirmation of approval at agreed intervals.