HOPI transportation has been operating on the logistics market for almost 20 years. During this time we have gained the appropriate know-how to arrange for delivery of goods in all temperature conditions and quantities. Thanks to our own fleet (over 550 vehicles of all categories) and the flexible capacities of our contracted transport
partners, we are capable of providing transportation services 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our advantage is transportation services within the CZ, SK, HU, PL and RO regions in the shortest possible deadlines. We also provide transportation services in Western and Central Europe. Our advantage is the optimum spread of its own distribution centres in CZ, SK, HU, PL a RO on the main transport routes.



  • our own fleet, ranging from the smallest vehicles to large volume vehicles
  • a wide spectrum of contracted transport partners
  • flexible and responsible approach to our partners´ needs
  • ability to react to seasonal fluctuations in volumes


  • centralized scheduling of transportation with a stable team of dispatch staff
  • non-stop operative transport dispatch at main distribution centres of our warehouses
  • all vehicles are equipped with a GPS monitoring system with SMS tracking
    (on-line confirmation of arrival at the unloading point)
  • a modern fleet with guaranteed regular maintenance
  • regular driver training


  • leasing of semi-trailers for the short and long-term warehousing of goods
  • supply of semi-trailer for the optimisation of expedition or collection area
  • option of using double-decker semi-trailers
  • solution of pallet management


We innovate the established processes and systems in the IT area by using SAP:

  • ordering of transport via a WEB portal
  • printing of pallet labels via a WEB portal
  • placement of scanned delivery notes on a WEB portal
  • confirming of services by way of SMS tracking


We are not indifferent to the environment:

  • we use the most modern transportation meeting EURO 5 and 6 standards
  • we lower the vehicles required by optimising the transportation process
  • we train our drivers to drive economically