Centralised logistics in the Central European region

  • We have our own as well as leased warehouses in CZ, SK, HU, PL and RO.
  • We store in all temperature conditions (dry, chilled and frozen).
  • Our distribution centres are as close as possible to the final customer.
  • Our total warehouse capacity (more than 450,000 m2) guarantees that our partner will be freed from the problems associated with the need to find additional warehouse space.
  • We also operate a tax and customs warehouse, including the necessary administrative infrastructure.

Reduction of costs

  • Outsourcing the logistics to the provider saves our partners costs by no longer having to operate their own warehouses.
  • The accurate and up to date reports we provide will give our partners a tool enabling them to better manage their level of inventories.
  • We allocate the warehouse supplies into more centres, thereby lower distribution costs.
  • Our customer structure comprises of leading retail operator as well as small and multinational producers. This fact results in mutual savings in transport costs and a number of other ensuing benefits.
  • Shipped goods are a subject to 100% inspection. The loading is monitored by a camera system. We track the whole route of the products using GPS units installed in our lorries.
  • Our multi-client warehouses help to overcome volume peaks.

High service level

  • We use a Warehouse Management System running on an SAP platform, which enables full tracking of goods with the help of an EAN code or batch number.
  • We also establish a rule for dispatch (FEFO or another agreed system).
  • Another useful SAP module monitors the pallet and empties balance.
  • We use the most modern technologies (on-line readers, scanners, pick-by-voice device, X-docking), which leads to improvements in delivery completeness, shortening delivery time and eliminating warehousing inventories.

Provision of professional infrastructure from the viewpoint of human resources, machinery and the necessary information technologies

  • We use on-line web applications to exchange information.
  • Every partner has a specified contact person.
  • We have our own team of programmers and analysts, who resolve our partners´ demands.
  • Our project department is responsible for the implementation of new projects into the existing structure.

Environmental aspect

  • We use the most modern handling technology, which meet the most demanding ecological standards.
  • We use only environmentally certified suppliers, solar collectors at our warehouses and energy-efficient lamps.
  • We actively motivate our staff to respect the principles of environmental protection.