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HOPI junior program

HOPI junior program je příležitost, která vám během jednoho roku dá víc než dva roky odseděné v posluchárnách. Projdete si všemi odděleními rostoucí společnosti a zblízka se podíváte na všechny procesy nadnárodní korporace. Naši zkušení mentoři tak prakticky nastartují vaši zářnou kariéru.

What's waiting for you?

You will go through all departments

Transport here, IT there. Each department works differently and has other specifics. You will go through all of them and when you end up enjoying the particular department, you can develop your skills further.

You spend at least a month abroad

We are logistics and we have sister companies in four other countries. And while our work is closely intertwined, another country offers a different view of the same thing. So you can expect us to send you to Budapest, for example, where you will get more contacts and expand your horizons.

Regular sallary and conditions

This is not an internship. By joining the Junior Program, you are automatically becoming the "Hopik" we are counting on. With some responsibility, we will also give you full pay, benefits and everything that work related. At the same time, we will keep in mind that you are still learning.

Education and corporate events

We know that young people are our future, so we invest in courses, workshops and trainings. We also have our regular corporate events, sporting as well as social.

What will help you?

You are a graduate

Okay, this is the main condition. The program is dedicated for graduates who are up to two years after school.

You speak multiple languages

Do you speak English? Great, you will definitely use it. Do you speak Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, or Romanian? You are one foot with us.

You have practice

If you have an Erasmus or a practical internship, it will help you during the selection.

Field of focus

Here we have no preference. Are you interested in business, human resources, transport, or information systems implementation? Everyone can use its skills with us.

Přiběhy našich juniorů

How to apply to the Junior Program


February - August 2019

Receiving applications


September 2019

Assessment centrum


September 2019


Apply now

We're just collecting contacts for candidates who want to join us. Leave us your email and we will inform you about the course of the admission procedure.

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